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«Blind Tracks», the new artistic expression created by Christian „La Furia“ Martínez brings together B-Boying, colour, light and music in an artistic and sophisticated way, giving birth to unprecedented pieces of art. “Blind Tracks” is 21st Century Action Painting – a furious choreography revealed in an urban way. The breaking movements constitute the basis of the painting technique. The colours are applied to the clothes of the dancer or the canvas stretched on the floor. The rapid and volatile movements are seized on the canvas and captured in time transforming them into a tangible and colourful testimonial. The resulting pieces of art inspire free interpretation and the analysis of dance. The wow-effect of a B-Boying show or a spectacular move is thus presented in a form which is quite unusual for the beholder. The art of Breaking is transposed from the floor onto the wall and consequently unravels in a totally new way. The name «Blind Tracks» relates to the invisible traces recorded through the dynamic movements either left on the floor by the shoe soles or fixed in the air by a long exposure photography, not visible for the human eye. 



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