Museums Night Basel

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Blind Tracks proudly announces the participation in the Basler Museums night on January 22nd 2016.

The museum of cultures Basel exclusively asked Blind Tracks to perform three live shows within the scope of the museum night Basel. The created paintings will be exhibited and for everyone to see in the museum during the following week.

Since the very beginning of Christian Martinez’s journey into the world of art, it has always been a dream of his to bring the art of b-boying into a museum and give it the long deserved appreciation and valuation.

For more details: Museumsnacht.

Who is Who Basel

The magazine „Who is Who“ is portraying annually the 200 most popular personalities from Basel. Christian „La Furia“ Martínez has been nominated to be among this year`s chosen ones.

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Event – The History of B-Boying

11007534_10155188868980632_344363989_nWorld premiere: The current art project “The History of B-Boying” of Christian “La Furia” Martinez pushes the limits of his self-created art form Blind Tracks. In his latest work, the former swiss breakdance champion concentrates on the history of B-Boying and integrates it into his paintings.
The paintings of “La Furia” are combined with a few live performances and a talk. The legendary B-Boy Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew from New York is going to speak about the development of B-Boying as well as showing some of his skills. „Crazy Legs“ grew up in Manhattan, New York City, where he was introduced to Breakdance by his older brother when he was nine. He was an original member of the Rock Steady Crew after its foundation in 1979. “La Furia” and J.J.Flueck (Drummer) will have theirs show too.
During the exhibition a painting made by Christian Martinez will be auctioned. The revenue will be donated to the Regio Basiliensis foundation.

Official PS 4 Release

„La Furia“ had the privilege to perform at the official PS4 release as only Swiss artist and produced 2 paintings. Many VIPs as well as the media were invited to this prestigious event. Snowboard Olympic Gold Medal winner Gian Simmen and football player Valentin Stocker were thrilled by his performance and the uniqueness of his art.

Basel Art Center (mixed)

„La Furia“ imposed his new defined art „Blind Tracks“ at Mixed Art I in the Basel Art Center and was chosen amongst 10 other artists to present his work. The Selection Artfair Basel (a parallel event to Art Basel) takes place every year in these premises.
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Colors of Life

„Moving Colors“ was created in 2008 and first presented as the new art form “Blind Tracks” at the exhibition „Colours Of Life“ in Basel. B-Boy artist Christian Martinez “La Furia” presented five art pieces which fascinated the public. The first time ever collaboration between a grafitti artist (Pietro „G204“ Del Sonno) and a B-Boy, captured in the piece “James”, particularly enthralled the public.